The 5 Best Golf Swing Trainers

Looking to improve your golf swing? The best golf swing aids and training equipment will help you make adjustments. Whether you want to work on technique, swing speed or proper form, we can help with five of the best golf swing trainers available today.

What Makes the Best Golf Swing Aids so Good?

Trying to improve your golf swing doesn't require a lot of complex tools or advanced technology. Often, the best training equipment is the simplest. Read the golf swing trainer reviews on any website and see what makes each unique.

The best golf swing training aids don't try to be all-in-one fixes for every facet of your game. Each product below looks at one specific area of your game and seeks to enhance it. Whether it is perfecting your technique or making adjustments to your swing plane, all of the best golf swing trainers can help your game with the proper practice and focus.

The Divot Board Golf Swing Trainer

1. The Divot Board

The Divot Board is a patented swing trainer that gives you visual feedback on your swing path. A Divot Board lives up to its namesake by providing replaceable divot information on your swing. Make adjustments to your stance, hand positioning, backswing and follow-through based on the information you receive from your Divot Board. By mimicking divots on a golf course, you can tell if your swing is fat, thin or off-center in any way.

What makes the Divot Board one of the best golf swing aids is its innovative design. By visualizing your swing plane without damaging the ground or digging into your carpet, the Divot Board allows you to make adjustments on the fly.

2. Impact Bag®

Get your clubface square and on-line with an Impact Bag®. Designed by PGA Master Professional Dr. Gary Wiren, the Impact Bag® is one of the best golf swing training aids. By giving you the feel of striking the ball and judging your club position, the Impact Bag® helps you eliminate inconsistencies. To ensure proper form, the Impact Bag® focuses your attention on your backswing and swing plane.

Easily portable, the Impact Bag® is an excellent addition to your training equipment.

3. The Swing Plate

Developed by PGA professional Jamie Brittain, the Swing Plate is a revolutionary addition to your golf practice regimen. The Swing Plate uses alignment rods to keep your swing in line with your hips. Practicing the perfect form has never been easier.

Follow the alignment rod as you pull the club face back to gauge your backswing. This will help you discern whether your backswing is flat or if you have sway in your hands. The Swing Plate helps you understand your tendencies and work out bad habits.

4. Sure-Set Golf Training Aid

When it comes to golf swing trainers, nothing helps with elbow and shoulder alignment more than the Sure-Set. Invented by PGA professional Dan Frost, the Sure-Set is one of the best golf swing trainers in the world. The Sure-Set helps students learn and set new motor skills. The muscle memory needed to repeat your swing over and over requires building new neural connections that link your shoulder to your elbow to your wrist.

The Sure-Set works by keeping your shoulder "tucked" as you rotate on your backswing, preventing you from opening up or collapsing as you move your club. Establish the feel of a biomechanically correct swing with the Sure-Set.

5. Power SwingFan

When it comes to easy and effective ways to improve your golf swing, few come to mind that can do more for you than the Power SwingFan. Utilizing a four-fin design to produce air resistance while you practice, the Power SwingFan helps with strength and conditioning throughout your core.

As one of the only strength-building products dedicated to golf, the Power SwingFan is easily one of the best golf swing training aids available today. Building your muscle strength with the Power SwingFan will give you more clubhead speed and longer drives off the tee.

Step Up Your Game With the Best Golf Swing Training Aids

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