5 Star Urethane Backed Golf Mat

5 Star Urethane Backed Golf Mat

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Martin Hall's
GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Urethane Backed Golf Mats

FREE Golf Ball Tray!   FREE Shipping!  (sizes are in feet)

Enjoy The Same High Quality as our GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats™ Without the ⅝" Backing! Use as is on any hard, flat surface or glue to concrete with a urethane compatible glue.
Perfect ReACTION Golf Hitting Mat With Urethane Backing

Easy on Wrists and Elbows!
• No Shock! • No Bounce! • Hit Down & Through! • Reacts Just Like Real Grass!

Use all clubs
Unique Durable Urethane Coated Backing
Retaining all of the features of our top-of-the-line mats, these mats are manufactured with extremely dense impact turf. A foam backing is not required! There is no loss in performance and durability. The easiest way to think about this mat is it is the same thick turf as the Perfect ReACTION style but designed to be glued to concrete as a permanent installation. The fact that it doesn't have the foam backing means it is cheaper to buy, and cheaper to ship. It's perfect for an outdoor range. You just need the urethane-compatible glue!


Our GORILLA Urethane Golf Mats are PERFECT for:
High-End Country Clubs Golf Courses Driving Ranges Golfers
Those Who Demand the Very Best in a Wood Tee Style Golf Mat


Urethane Backed Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mat

Why 5 Star Perfect ReACTION Urethane Backed Golf Mats are Better:

  • 1 1/8" total thickness
  • Made to withstand repeated commercial abuse from irons and all clubs.
  • 6 Year Life Expectancy
  • 30% Denser Turf
  • Use Real Wood Tees - No Shock - No Bounce
  • Natural Look and ReACTION
  • FREE SHIPPING - Take a Look at Our Prices!
  • Pay Less Buy Direct! Made in the USA!

Urethane Backed Wood Tee Style Golf Mats

GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Urethane Backed Golf Mat

Use real wood tees


  • 100% Nylon
  • Looks Real and Natural! ReACTs like real grass!
  • Free Shipping - Pay Less - Buy Direct!
  • PERFECT for a Flat Hard Surface, Grass or Concrete Pad
  • PERFECT for Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • This is the Same Material Used on Our Top-of-the-Line GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats™
  • Features Our New Urethane Easy Drain, Ultra Dura-Flex, All-Weather BackingThe 3D Fibers ReACT to Give You the ReACTION of Taking a True Fairway Divot. You Will ReACTION Instant Feedback! Fat - Thin - or Perfect Swing!
  • Use Your Own Wood Tees, Set Your Desired Tee Height!
    Will Hold Your Wood Tee Any Place on the Mat!
  • Shock Absorbing 3D Fibers Will Absorb and Solve the Bounce and Shock Problem You Experience With Common Golf Mats. Easy on the Wrists and Elbows!
  • Use All Clubs - Drivers, Irons, Wedges
  • 100% Nylon - Made in the USA - 30% Denser Turf - Will Not Stain Clubs
  • Ultra Dura-Flex™ All-Weather Backing Will Not Bend or Curl Like Similar Turf You May Have Seen.

No Rubber Tees Required! Use Your Own Wood Tees!
Use On Any Surface! • Concrete • Dirt • Grass • Gravel • Decking • PERFECT at the range!

Installation is easy! Use AS IS indoors or outdoors on any hard flat surface. 
Urethane Golf Mats may be glued down with any Urethane compatible glue available from any hardware store for a permanent outdoor tee box at home or at the range.
Urethane Wood Tee Golf Mats are perfect for indoor use in the basement or garage, no glue required. Installation on dirt / grass / gravel is easy! Prepare the ground as you would for laying down stone pavers compacted stone (3/4 minus). You want approximately a 95% compaction just like the preparation for stone pavers. Make sure the surface is flat.

Perfect ReACTION Technology