A-lignsie setup and alignment device

A-lignsie setup and alignment device

Full Swing Aids


Developed by Master Golf Teaching Professional Mark Parker, the A-lignsie is unlike any other golf alignment device. Your setup and swing will improve within minutes.


  • Allows you to consistently place your feet in an aligned position. 
  • Enables you to square your shoulders to the target line.
  • Creates perfect foot to club head position at address.
  • Develops and refines your ability to hit draws, fades, chip and pitch shots. 

Ball Position:

  • Lets you utilize correct ball position for driver through wedge.
  • Guides you to the perfect ball placement, inside the heel of the lead foot, driver through long-irons.
  • Reinforces position for mid-irons, with a mid-stance position.
  • Encourages placement of ball slightly behind center for short irons. 


  • Encourages one's feet to be shoulder width apart, which is the desired stance for a typical golfer.
  • Provides you with appropriate balance during the swing.
  • Coordinates foot alignment with shoulder alignment.
  • Promotes a truly athletic position including a slight flex of the knees.


  • Encourages bending at the waist over the ball (vs. stopping). 
  • Establishes accurate spine angle.
  • Fosters proper hand position at address.
  • The eye alignment indicator prompts correct posture, including "chin up" at address.

Do not hit balls off of the A-lignsie golf alignment device.