Brace Yourself (closeout) LARGE or SMALL

Brace Yourself (closeout) LARGE or SMALL

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Brace Yourself Training Aid is a device for chipping and putting. It's applied on your wrist just like a wristwatch. It has dual functionality and is applied to the bottom part of the wrist. A right-hander would have the pointed end pointing away from his body for chipping. This device prevents wrist movement or "breaking" as well as promotes swing and muscle memory by providing the user with two additional bearing points on which to brace a golf club and grip throughout a stroke.



Say goodbye to wrist break during putting

Maintain your swing all the way through with the revolutionary new Brace Yourself Golf Aid, an exceptional product that is ideal for men, women, and children regardless of skill level. Whether you're left- or right-handed, you'll get great results.

Increase your putting and chipping skills with this easy-to-use product, perfect for all ages, from young to old.