Dyna Disc - Single Disc

Dyna Disc - Single Disc

Fitness and Distance


DynaDisc Balance Disc Cushion - Royal Blue - 14" Diameter


Note: Price is PER disc. You will need to order 2 if you want a set.

The original exercise balance device, DynaDisc is an inflatable balance cushion (supports up to 2000lbs/sq. inch) that is smooth on one side and textured with pegs on the other. The Dyna Disc can be used for Core Exercise, balance training, strength training and rehab. Use Dyna Disc seated to give you benefits similar to a Gymball, standing to increase balance and muscular resistance while doing exercises, or lying to improve strength and core stabilization for floor exercises.


Vary inflation to change the degree of difficulty. This wobble disc improves posture, alignment and creates a more challenging workout in less time. And the Dyna Disc Balance Cushion comes with a complete satisfaction warranty and industry leading two-year guarantee.


  • 14 inches in diameter
  • Unique beveled edge supports comfort to the hamstrings
  • Made of the same material as a gymball
  • Inflate with a traditional ball needle
  • 2,000 pounds per square inch
  • Color: Royal Blue