Frog Stick - by Frank Thomas

Frog Stick - by Frank Thomas

Putting Aids

For best results when putting, you should putt in a natural Swing Plane (see The Fundamentals of Putting, and the March 2015 issue of Golf Digest.)
  • To do this, your arms, shoulders and the putter act as a single unit. This unit pivots about the spine, at a pivot point between the shoulder blades.

    At setup, if your eyes are over the ball, the swing plane will be tilted at approximately 10 degrees to the vertical. The hands and arms will swing in plane parallel to this plane but below it. Wrists do not break or rotate within the plane during the stroke.

    Imagine the Swing Plane being a glass disc through which your head and shoulders are protruding and the putter head moves along the bottom edge of the disc, centered about the pivot point between your shoulder blades.
    Putting Swing Plane

    As your head is protruding through the plane (the disc), and the putter head is moving along the bottom edge of the disc, and the putter head path appears to be moving in an arc.
    Putting Swing Plane Arc

    When you swing the putter back and forth you will see the putter head move inside the target line, and slightly open on the backstroke, on the target line at impact but square to the target line and then inside the target line and slightly closed on the follow through.

    Using Your Frog Stick:

      • To use the Frog Stick, attach it to the shaft approximately 5€? above the sole, at right angles to the putter face (parallel to the target line). In this position the Frog Stick will be in the plane (sitting on the imaginary glass disc). However, from your point of view looking down at the Frog stick it will be inside the target line. To make an in-plane swing, imagine the Frog Stick sliding along the plane (a virtual piece of glass) back and forth, as seen below.

        Frog Stick

        • The Frog Stick can also help your rhythm and as a result, distance control. The more you practice imagining your Frog Stick sliding up against the plane, you will find that your stroke becomes more natural and effortless. You must allow the putter to do the work.

          The Frog Stick will immediately make swing plane errors obvious such as rotating your wrists in the plane, or an inside or outside path.

          Another way to check if there is any wrist rotation during the stroke is to rotate the Frog Stick on the shaft parallel to, and forward of the face and make a stroke with the putter head traveling along the bottom edge of the plane (glass disc). See picture below.

        Frog Stick

        Make a stroke in the plane and the Frog Stick will exaggerate any wrist (face) rotation in the plane. This orientation of the Frog Stick will help you keep the putter face square to the plane. Any manipulation of the stroke will result in the putter moving out of the plane. The putting stroke should be very natural and is created by rocking the shoulders and allowing the putter head to move in a natural arc.

    You should have the Frog Stick with you every time you go out on the practice green. Use it to tune up your stroke and then remove it to practice, imagining it is still on the putter shaft. If used as described above, your putting swing path will improve along with your rhythm and consistency. This device is simple to use and allows you to visually see any out of plane movements.

    The Frog Stick may be used right or left-handed.