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Greens Wizard

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The Greens Wizard comes with several variations of wedges and spacers to fit most golf shoes. All you need is super glue  (cyanoacrylate) and a standard Phillips screwdriver (not included). Follow these simple steps and you’ll be sinking putts in no time!

How the Greens Wizard works

For consistent readings, mount the Greens Wizard at the center of the arch of the outside sole of your shoe. If necessary, spacers are provided to create an extension from the side sole of the shoe. Shoes that have minimal sidewalls may require one of the included wedges. Make sure the mounting area is clean of dirt, dust and oil.

How the Greens Wizard works

Apply enough adhesive to cover the back of the mounting bracket. If using spacers and/or the wedge, adhere them to the screw mount first. The screw mount is to be positioned length-wise running parallel with the shoe.


Being able to properly read golf greens is more important than having a great putting stroke. If your ball does not start on the right line you have virtually no chance of making the putt. There are many visual distractions that your eyes have to deal with when choosing the right line. Factors that are built into the green by the architect to test your green reading skills, as well as natural elements created by shadows, bumps and knolls on the horizon all have a way of tricking the eyes. When you learn how to feel the slope of the green with your feet you will unlock the mystery to reading putts.

Long time caddy for Phil Mickelson, Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay wrote an article in 2009 for Golf Digest sharing his ’10 Rules For Reading Golf Greens.’ #2 on Mr. Mackays list is trusting your feet:

“To get a perfect read… I stand over the ball as though I’m going to hit it. I get a great sense of the break not only with my eyes, but with my feet. When I look down at the ball, I can tell immediately whether it’s a fraction of an inch higher or lower than my feet. Then I factor that in along with what I see from the other perspectives. Don’t sell your sensory awareness short: Amazing as it might seem, almost everyone will get information from the stand-at-address perspective that you can’t gather from reading the green with your eyes.”

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How the Greens Wizard works

Adhere the assembled screw mount to the outside center arch on the shoe and hold tightly in place for 30 seconds. Allow one hour for the adhesive to fully cure before attaching the Greens Wizard.

How the Greens Wizard works

Place shoe on a level surface. Lightly tighten the set screw and adjust the Greens Wizard to center the ball. Stand up in the shoe and check that the ball is staying centered. Adjust as necessary, then firmly tighten set screw. Do not use power tools to tighten the set screw. You are now good to go! Periodically check to make sure your Greens Wizard ball is centered.

The Greens Wizard removes easily by unscrewing, leaving only the small screw mount in place – ready for next time!



The Greens Wizard is extremely simple. Whether you’re facing your golf ball or facing the hole, you’ll see a variation in the ball inside the Greens Wizard indicating the break or slope of the green. The more intense the movement, the more intense the variation in the green. With a little bit of practice, you’ll start to see how the feedback you gain from the Greens Wizard can be a real game changer!

greens wizard graphic - how to interpret level


 Greens Wizard demo video



The concept is simple. And while the design appears simple, the Greens Wizard putting aid has undergone years of meticulous tweaking and testing in order to achieve the most accurate results possible. We’ve put in the time to create a product that will train your short game and help you feel more confident on the course. Sink more putts. Shorten your time on the golf green. Have more fun. Let the Greens Wizard show you the best way to get that ball in the hole.

Start making putts like magic.