Half-Cup Putting Aid

Half-Cup Putting Aid

Putting Aids


The recipe for putting success: Add a Half-Cup to your bag!"

The new Half-Cup Putting Aid, (patent pending), is designed to reduce the golf hole by more than half its original size, creating a two-inch slotted target to use while practicing mid and short-range putts.

The Half-Cup Putting Aid fits snugly into any regulation size golf cup, making it a perfect practice tool for those wanting to increase their putting abilities. Its lightweight, compact design fits easily into any golf bag, suitcase or pocket; making it easily accessible to take with you anywhere you wish to practice or play. Find a reasonably flat lie on any putting green
  • Insert The Half-Cup Putting Aid into any regulation size golf hole, by pressing down on the device creating a snug fit.
  • Set up approximately 5 feet from The Half-Cup Putting Aid
  • Roll 15-20 putts toward The Half-Cup Putting Aid opening Now move to approximately 3 feet from The Half-Cup, again rolling 15-20 putts
  • Remove The Half-Cup Putting Aid and repeat the putting drills without the Half-Cup in the hole
  • Continue the drill whenever you find yourself practicing putting
  • Congratulations, you are now on your way to making more mid to short range putts