Jelly Rope

Jelly Rope

Fitness and Distance

$3.99 - $4.99
  • Helps Improve Balance
  • Aids in Strengthening and Stretching Out Core Muscle Groups
  • Focuses on Shoulders, Upper Arms, Upper Torso, and Lower Legs
  • Helps You Become Less Prone to Injuries

The Jelly Rope will help you hit the golf ball further by providing you better balance and looser, more relaxed muscles. This product aids in strengthening and stretching out your core muscle groups in your shoulders, upper arms, upper torso, and lower legs. Use this prior to swinging a golf club. You will see higher performance in your golf game and become less prone to injuries.

For Upper Arms and Back Muscles

For Arms

Image Training

Step on the bottom loop with the heel of your foot. Grab the other loop with your hand and pull it up behind you as far as you are able to reach. This will stretch your upper arms and your back muscles.

While sitting down or bending over, put one loop around your foot and pull upward with your hand. This will strengthen your upper arms.

Set up as though you are hitting a golf ball without holding a golf club. Place one loop of the Jelly Rope around the ball of the foot. Hold the other loop in both hands as though it is the grip of a golf club. Slowly and deliberately take back your swing as though you were swinging a golf club without letting go of the Jelly Rope.


Each Jelly Rope comes in four different resistances.