Line M Up Ball Marking Templates

Line M Up Ball Marking Templates

Putting Aids


Although not the first ball marking template around, Line M Up golf ball line marker tool has become the choice for consumers and pros alike due to their precision crafted marking templates and variety of styles offered.

The Original (single line):

This golf ball marking template marks a single precise line. The line is then oriented toward the target which provides a reference when addressing the ball for both tee shots and putting.


The Pro (bisecting lines):

The pro model came on the scene a few years after the original. Contrary to the name, the pro model golf ball marker tool is better suited to beginning to intermediate players. The idea is that the bisecting line may be used to square the putter face - something many amateurs have difficulty with. Mark a number of balls and orient them to a target to learn to square your putter face to that target.


The FAT Line:

Bigger, bolder, better. The new FAT LINE takes the guesswork out of lining up your putts. Works for tee shots as well as putting. The extra bold line provides more visibility than the standard marking tools.

A bigger bolder line than traditional ball marking templates. If you have trouble seeing a thin line, the FAT Line is for you. We stock the red FAT LINE only.