Perfect Swing Trainer

Perfect Swing Trainer

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Perfect Swing Trainer

Note: This product includes a spike for outdoor and ALSO includes a metal base for use indoors or anywhere you can't put the spike in the ground. 

What does the Perfect Swing golf trainer do? 
  1. Train your muscles to remember their setup position.
  2. Turning position (without swaying) and follow through.

How does it accomplish its objective?
  1. The "Perfect Swing Trainer" is designed for a golfer to turn without swaying. 
  2. It is also designed to train muscle memory in setup position.
  3. Turning position and follow-through position.
  4. Stand inside the LOOP (confined area) of the "Perfect Swing Trainer".
  5. Adjust the LOOP to individual hip height.
  6. LOOP is tilted at a 15-degree angle.
  7. Stand with hips at the back end of the LOOP (an inch from touching).
  8. Set both arms just above the LOOP (both inside elbows pointing sky-ward).
  9. Turn your shoulders around; hips should follow.
  10. Uncork yourself (legs first); arms just graze the LOOP.
  11. Follow through with your belly button facing the middle of the other end of the LOOP.

  1. Get into a setup position the same way.
  2. Alignment.
  3. Turning without swaying.
  4. Building "muscle memory".

  1. In the house with or without a golf club.
  2. On the range with a golf club.


Instructions (indoor):

  1. Adjust LOOP to hip height. Loop will be tilted about 15 degrees.
  2. Stand inside the LOOP, then get into your setup position.
  3. Note: Your hip should be one inch from the back end of the LOOP (Fig. 1).
  4. Address position: Your arms just touching the front of the LOOP (Fig. 2).
  5. Alignment: Front of the LOOP, your feet, and shoulders, must be parallel to the target.
  6. Turn inside of the LOOP (take away Fig. 3);
  7. Swing through (downswing Fig. 4); with your arms just brushing the front of the LOOP and follow through (Fig. 5). 
  8. Repeat this movement 25 times per set, 3 times per day for muscle memory.

Driving Range:
  1. Set up like indoor (use spike).
  2. Step inside the LOOP.
  3. Note: Keep your arms about an inch away from the front of the LOOP for easier swing and start hitting the balls.

  1. Stand at the front end of the LOOP with your hip touching the LOOP. 
  2. put 60% (or more) of your weight on the front leg and make your takeaway without moving off the front end of the LOOP.
  3. Swing through without moving the weight off the front foot.

  1. Stand anywhere inside the LOOP with arms touching the LOOP.
  2. You may have to readjust the LOOP height.
  3. Take the putter back and follow through by touching the LOOP.
  4. Note: For alignment, your feet and shoulders must be parallel to the target.