PitchGrip: Trigger Finger lag pressure trainer

PitchGrip: Trigger Finger lag pressure trainer

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PitchGrip: The lag pressure training grip.

Unleash Your Golf Power with a Lag Loaded Right Hand. PitchGrip makes it possible for golfers of all levels to finally understand how the index finger can direct and control the lagging clubhead.


Pitch Grip, grip only option: The Trigger Grip  (pack of 2 grips)

The hardest thing to learn in golf is how to monitor lag pressure on the right index finger.

Pitch Grip Trigger Grip is used for two-handed, full swing practice.  The Trigger Grip increases the circumference of the shaft, promoting full lag load on the right index finger. Just like throwing a ball, the weight of the club bends the wrist back and the lag pressure loads on the index finger. The secret to great golf is to maintain this lag pressure well past impact.  

You will receive 2 Trigger Grips. Install one Trigger Grip on a practice wedge or 9 iron, and the other on a longer club, such as a utility, 3 wood or driver. 


PitchGrip videos:

Learn how Pitch Grip can help you learn to avoid the #1 problem in golf, casting the club (or club head throw away).  It's all about maintaining Lag Pressure on the right index finger.


Try this drill!  Don't throw the club away right before impact! Keep a bent right wrist all the way through. You'll like this drill.

Martin Chuck, Tour Striker Golf Academy Lesson using PitchGrip / Right Arm Only Awareness