Power Stik Power Trainer

Power Stik Power Trainer

Fitness and Distance


Power Stik Power Training Aid

Specs:  37" long, 1.8 lbs.  May be used right or left-handed. 

If you compare the top 50 golfers in the world at any moment, none of them have the exact same swing. The one and only thing they all have in common is that their balance during their swing is nearly perfect! The Power Stik golf swing trainer aid is specifically designed to help you perfect your balance- no matter how you swing the golf club. The Power Stik golf balance training aid is the only training aid in the world with 75% of the weight in the head of the club. This weight ratio creates the most resistance during your swing, and therefore is the most effective golf training aid for perfecting your balance and increasing your strength!

What the Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer Aid Does for You

The Power Stik is designed to provide many benefits as you strive to improve your golf game. This golf balance training tool includes:

• Improving Overall Fitness
• Adding Distance to Your Shots
• Perfecting Your Grip, Balance, & Swing Tempo
• Helping You to Create a Powerful & Repeatable Swing
• Increasing Accuracy with Your Irons
• Strengthening & Stretching Golf Muscles 
• Adding Strength, Consistency, & Flexibility to Your Swing


How It Helps Your Golf Game

After using the Power Stik golf balance training tool for a couple weeks, you will hit the ball 1 club farther. This gives you the correct feel for the backswing, downswing, and follow-through. It teaches you to swing while feeling connected.

This results in lower scores and greater distance on your shots, as well as cures your slice. Our club forces you to swing on an inside-out path.

Use the club to make normal golf swings with resistance. The club weighs about 1.8 pounds, so it's just enough to get a training response from it, without over-straining your golf muscles. The club's most unique feature is that it the majority of the weight is concentrated at the end of the club, giving you a sense of where your clubhead is throughout the entire swing.


GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellence

GolfTest USA is an independent body that periodically performs reviews on products within the golf industry. The Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer Aid received their highest rating - EAGLE!


A few of the many testimonials on the Power Stik 

Dan Gaunt, European TP Tour Player of The Year

I started using the Power Stik about 3 months ago. First, I used it just for a warm-up routine as the weight of the club really helped loosen me up then gradually moved into more advanced exercises with it to gain strength, power, stability.
I have also improved my control of shots, with a more consistent shot shape after using the Power Stik. I have found it an extremely important tool for my whole routine daily for tournament golf. I have gained a lot more speed in my swing and also a lot more stability. The weight of your clubs after using the Power Stik feels great and creates a lot of confidence in my game to perform at the highest level. If you to want to improve and gain all these in your game. The Power Stik is a must to be part of your routine. 

Sandra Angulo - LPGA - Symetra Tour

Sandra Angulo is a ladies professional golfer. Here are her quotes-" The Power Stik has been a great training tool for me. Because of this training, I have gained 30 more yards on my drives. I have gained more clubhead speed and much better balance! With the weight on the end of the Power Stik, I have been able to keep up my training wherever I go and my overall strength has improved. I recommend the Power Stik to anyone wanting to gain more distance. Thanks for sending me this great training tool!

Nancy Quarcelino - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher - LPGA T&CP Hall Of Fame

We use the Power Stik Golf Swing Trainer of course for warming our students up on the lesson tee. But we are doing three things for helping our students get more distance.  We swing a lightweight shaft 15 times fast- then we swing the Power Stik  15 times with pace- and finally, they swing their driver and hit the golf ball  15 times fast with no regard as to what the ball will do. Then they go through their practice as they normally would.

Within one month, my Symmetra Tour Player increased her driving distance by 25 yards, and her swing speed by 8 mph. IT'S A GREAT PRODUCT!