Putting Gate System

Putting Gate System

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Note: The alignment rod is not included with the Putting Gate System. Any standard alignment rod may be used with the gates. 

Are you struggling with putting? 5 Dudes Golf’s Putting Gate System includes everything you need to improve your putting and help you sink even the most difficult putts. This golf putting system will work on any practice green and gives you immediate feedback on how to improve your putting. They designed the Putting Gate System to be easy to use, helping you identify common problems. 

The Putting Gate System is easy to set up. Place one, two, or three gates, depending on the distance you wish to practice. Set up the alignment stick (not included) and place a ball directly underneath. A ball marker can be placed to help reset consistently between putts. This setup allows you to monitor alignment, ball position, putting arc, and face angle throughout the stroke. You can refer to drills below for even more ways to use the PGS.

With just a few practice sessions you will identify the issues hurting your stroke and your score. Easy to use and set up, the Putting Gate System helps you maintain proper alignment, teaches speed, and improves accuracy. Purchase your Putting Gate System today!

1-Gate Drill
Distance: 4 - 8 ft 

Choose a putt with little to no break and attach appropriate gate at the front end of the alignment stick. Place your golf ball directly under the stick and more towards the red holder. This does two things: (1) allows your eyes to get directly over the golf ball (2) shortens your backstroke to create acceleration throughout the putting stroke. This drill is great to check up on your stroke, but don't take it for granted, the 5 ft putt is the single most important distance in putting. We recommend starting with the 1-gate drill until you are consistently stroking it through the gate and into the hole.  

2-Gate Drill
Distance: 15 - 20 ft

Find a putt with a good amount of break in it. Attach the 2 1/2 gate at the end of the alignment stick. Place your golf ball under the stick so that your eyes are directly over it. You will need to hit a few putts to make certain you have the correct line. Adjust if necessary, and then place the 3 1/2 gate 6 ft in front of the first gate. Stroke a few putts before placing the 4 1/2 gate 4 ft short of the hole.
Take into consideration that you are creating the toughest putt possible. Make it fun and don't get frustrated. PGA players only make 15% of their 20 ft putts.

3-Gate Drill
Distance: 10 - 15 ft

Pick a breaking putt that you must start outside of the hole. Attach the appropriate gate at the front end of alignment stick. Place your golf ball directly under the stick to ensure that your eyes are over the ball. Putt a few and pay attention to the path as the ball travels. Using that knowledge, place another gate (one size larger than the one already in use) at the apex of the putt. Adding the second gate forces you to combine the perfect speed with the correct putting stroke. It also trains your eyes to better read greens by singling out the putt's apex, as well as, the movement before and after that apex.

Lag Gate Drill
Distance: 20+ ft

Choose any lag putt you want. Put the alignment stick into the holder and stick it in the ground pointing towards the intended target. Place the ball towards the middle-front of the alignment stick and roll a few putts to check that the line you have picked out is correct. Take the small gate and attach it to the back end of the alignment rod. This helps in windy conditions and will tilt up the stick to allow for a full putting stroke. We recommend placing either the 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 gate about 6 feet in front of you. Placing the gate further away makes the drill more difficult. 


"The first time I was shown the product I was kind of skeptical on how it worked. But after about five putts I had instant feed back on exactly what I was doing wrong. I really like how simple, quick, effective and instant feedback you receive from PGS. This product doesn't lie and covers every aspect of the putting stroke.” - Matt Perkins | Assistant Golf Professional, Woodforest Golf Club 

“The PGS is the best putting aid that I've seen for getting the ball started on line. It's great for straight line drills and it's the best I've seen for breaking putts!” - Jim Talbot | Senior Instructor, Hank Haney Golf

"My 6-year-old son has been using the new PGS for several months now and loves it. He always asks for it as soon as we get to the putting green. We make a game out of putting the ball through one gate, then progress to the 2-gate drill. The PGS maintains his attention and helps him focus and, as a parent, I love the way it makes working on his short game fun and engaging.  I’ve even noticed that his alignment has improved, which is a skill that’s tough for any new golfer to master. Overall, super impressed!" - Tara Lancaster, Junior Golfer Parent

"It only took 1 stroke for me to get feedback using the PGS by 5 Dudes Golf. It's very easy to set up, and with the different gate sizes it's a great putting aid for beginners all the way to your most advanced players. Thoroughly impressed." - Derrick Hamner, Assistant Golf Professional | Eagle Pointe Golf Club

“I have a 6 handicap and would like to get down to a 3. With the use of the PGS, I believe I am on the way to achieving my goal. All good golfers know it all comes down to putting.” - Daryl | 6 Handicap, Trophy Club Country Club

“I have used the string drill for the past 8 years when teaching putting because it fits perfectly with my philosophy. I never thought that I would find another putting aid that would top it until I found this one! Not only does it accomplish the same technique and ideas as the string drill, it allows you to practice those same core mechanics with a breaking putt. This putting aid is 10x more effective because it makes you focus on the first two feet of the putt as well as the speed. - Jon Baacke, PGA | Head Golf Professional, Woodforest Golf Club

“The PGS has created consistency on all my makeable putts because I now know the ball is starting out on my intended line. The thing I like most about the product is that it automatically checks body alignment, ball position, and eye line. The PGS is also a product that is very portable and can be used in a number of different ways to keep practice interesting.” - Chris Gilbert | Pro Golfer / Assistant Golf Coach, Washington State University

"I am a total believer in the PGS. I only used it for five minutes before my round, but it helped all day.  I typically have problems starting the ball on intended target line. This PGS doesn't lie." - Herb Joiner, Fairway Tour Member