Straight Up Putt

Straight Up Putt

Putting Aids


The Straight Up Putt will teach you how to line up a putt perfectly for any golf hole anywhere, every time. The Straight Up Putt is designed to find the fall line, but acts a putting stroke aid. By putting upwards towards the hole on the fall line, this will give you the straight putt for that hole. Example: If you can make 15 out of 15 putts from 3' away, your putting stroke is on line. If you putt 15 and only make 6, obviously your putting stroke is off line. The Straight Up Putt will give all golfers from Amateurs, College Player's to Touring Professional's a confident on line putting stroke.



STEP 1. Place over the hole

STEP 2. Let gravity take over, the ball bearing will fall to the lowest point, where the ball bearing stops, is where the straightest putt will be. It will be up hill and straight

STEP 3. From there you can either pull a string line from where the ball bearing stops, between 3 feet to 6 feet away from the hole, or place another type of alignment source. It could be a golf tee or a ball marker, or even another golf ball, 180 Degrees on the high side of where the ball bearing stops

STEP 4. If you pulled a string line, line your ball on the mark of the string line anywhere between 3 feet and 6 feet away from the hole. If you used a different kind of alignment source, a golf ball, a golf tee, or ball marker, line your ball up to your alignment source of your choice, and proceed to the putt the ball in the hole

STEP 5. If you are coincidentally missing your putts to the left “pulling” or to the right “pushing”, my product is giving you useful intelligence that you are not squaring your putter face on contact.