Swing Wizzard training club

Swing Wizzard training club

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The NEW Swing Wizzard™ golf training tool from Wizard Golf™ may be the only swing trainer you ever need.

Swing Wizzard™ demonstrates how a balanced, effortless swing should feel, builds muscle memory allowing more consistency and accuracy, increases flexibility through the backswing, provides instant feedback for immediate correction. 

Practice with the Swing Wizzard™ anytime, anywhere - even in your own home. You'll receive instant feedback on the most common and critical elements of YOUR golf swing. Improve your golf game instantly with this extraordinary golf swing trainer. Groove your swing all year long! 

The Swing Wizzard™ improves TEN major swing fundamentals:

  • Set-up Position
  • Take Away
  • Proper Shoulder Rotation
  • Golf Swing Plane 
  • Golf Swing Path
  • Proper Wrist Hinge 
  • Golf Club Face Position
  • Impact Position
  • Hands Forward Position at Impact 
  • Timing and Tempo


Your Swing Wizzard™ will include aim sticks and an instructional video featuring Jim McLean demonstrating his famous eight-step swing drill using the Swing Wizzard™.

Swing Wizzard is NOT intended to hit balls; this feature is intentional to help perfect your optimum swing plane. 


  • Build a Repeatable Swing Set-up Position - Club face should be square at set-up Proper Shoulder Rotatation, Take Away - Eliminate swaying, instill a "one-piece" take away using shoulder rotation instead of wrists and arms.
  • Swing Swing Plane - Eliminates casting or coming over the top (which most often will result in a slice.) Swing Path - Cure that over-the-top move forever.
  • Positioning Club Face Position - By indentifying the correct club face position throughout the backswing, downswing and through impact, you will improve distance and consistency. Impact Position - Sets body in the proper impact position. Hands-Forward Position at Impact - Any other improper position is impossible with the Swing Wizzard™. Set-up Position - Club face should be square at set-up, Proper Shoulder Rotation, Take Away - Eliminate swaying, instill a "one-piece" take away using shoulder rotation instead of wrists and arms.
  • Timing and Balance Timing and Tempo - Develop a smooth swing tempo - "The most critical element of the swing," according to golf legend, Jack Nicklaus. Balance and Weight Transfer - You will better understand how the correct weight transfer makes your swing more powerful.