Wizard Putting System

Wizard Putting System

Putting Aids

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The Putter's Edge reduces the size of the hole. Putting to a small hole refines focus with a small target equals small miss method (aim small= miss small) making a traditional hole seem huge and building confidence around the green. It can be used with or without a hole.  To use without a hole, simply remove the insert and putt to the opening.

The Tour Stroke quickly and easily mounts to any putter face and encourages a long smooth stroke. Ten putts made with the Tour Stroke will smooth out your putting faster than any product on the market. It can be used with or without a hole for practice anytime, anywhere.

The True Line is an innovative variation on the line drill most tour players use religiously. It encourages a long and smooth stroke and can be used with or without a hole.

Complete Instructions are included with your Wizard Putting System.