MISIG - The Most Important Stretch in Golf

MISIG - The Most Important Stretch in Golf

Fitness and Distance


The Most Important Stretch in Golf (MISIG) training aid is a device that will improve your golf game. Guaranteed. Incredible game changing golf stretch.

  • Feel The Pressures Of Proper Take Away.
  • Structure And Loading.
  • Feel Tremendous Stretch In Shoulders, Back And Hips.
  • Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Back Swing And Range Of Motion.
  • Get A Wider Golf Swing.
  • You Will See Incredible Improvement, Longer Stronger Golf Shots.
  • Stretches for Golf and Wider Golf Swing
  • Golf Swing Training Inside To Out
  • Golf Exercising
  • A Personal Golf Performance Device
  • No Hassle Free Return Shipping. We’re That Confident You Will Improve Your Game.


“After using MISIG for about two weeks, I’ve noticed on my past couple of trips to the course how much easier I turn, how much farther my drives are going, and how much easier it is to complete a follow through. I’m a believer.”
Frank LaRosa, ESPN

"The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” (MISIG) will not only benefit golfers but rehabilitation professionals as well. As a Physical Therapist Assistant and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional I see the benefit of this product from both ends of the spectrum.
The MISIG provides my golf clients and rehab patients the opportunity to further their range of motion gains in a functional manner. I chose to use the MISIG over traditional devices because it provides exceptional Neuromuscular Education by reestablishing functional motor patterns and provides immediate feedback.
I would recommend The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” to all Golf and Rehabilitation Professionals."
Eric Lunt Middletown, CT

"I have used the MISIG tool with a few recreational and competitive golfers (NCAA, Web.com tour or Q-school) in the lab, particularly for whom we find poor latissimus dorsi flexibility or thoracolumbar fascia extensibility on clinical screening. All the golfers I share it with enjoy the stretch it provides. After a few weeks using the MISIG on their own, our follow-up 3D kinematics and launch monitor assessment indicated improvements in thoracic rotation (aka shoulder turn). Some less-experienced golfers commented on the MISIG helping them tell what a swing with a straight left arm felt like! 
I can tell why the PTs like using this tool, it helps provide a functional stretch for golfers (and there aren’t many other such tools out there).
Thank you Bernie."

Brady L. Tripp PhD, ATC
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Athletic Training Program
Dept. Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
College of Health and Human Performance
University of Florida