Full Swing Aids


 The Ideal Wrist, Elbow and Arm Position Throughout the Golf Swing

The Bio Movement Trainer - Arm is an innovative training device from DaVinci Sports Golf that will help improve the biomechanics and movement patterns of your wrists and arms throughout the golf swing.

Correct positioning of the lead and trail wrists and arms can help solve a variety of swing faults, helping you achieve a flat left wrist position (and forward shaft lean) at impact, establish powerful lag in the downswing, and ensure crisp contact by helping you to avoid releasing too soon and scooping the golf ball. This golf wrist training device is adjustable and easily attaches to your lead or trail wrist.

Product highlights:

●      Instant positive and negative feedback based on whether or not the yellow indicator ball is touching or not touching your arm. No guesswork with this golf wrist training device.

●      Helps golfers achieve the ideal wrist, elbow and arm positions throughout the golf swing.

●      Achieve maximum clubface control for more consistency on all shots (full shots, pitching, and chipping).

●      Train yourself on how to create more lag, and find the coveted “slot” position on the downswing every time (this is one fundamental every great golf swing has in common!).


Lead arm straight setting


The BMT Arm can be used for chipping, pitching or full shots. The focus is on keeping a flat lead wrist from the top of the backswing, to impact and through the ball.  The rod and ball should be placed just off the lead wrist, and that space should be maintained throughout your swing motion.

The Trail Side setting

Used for chipping, pitch shots, and full shots this setting focuses on using the trail wrist to create the correct hinge and maintain lag into impact.  The rod and ball will be bent off the trail wrist based on the length of your swing and the amount of hinge you want to create.  The rod and ball then will touch the trail wrist and keep touching throughout the swing.

Dual Setting Lead and trail                                                                                                  

The versatility continues as the BMT Arm Dual Setting can be used for chipping, pitching and hitting full shots as well.  The combination of both lead and trail settings will put your wrists in the correct position for every golf shot. The positive and negative feedback given using two BMTs is instant and undeniable. The BMT Arm will produce consistent chips, better distance control with pitches, and create more lag and power in your full swing.




1) Scooping Under the Ball

The Total Golf Trainer - Arm has lead and trail settings designed to help you achieve a perfect impact position and eliminate scooping under the ball, which produces inconsistent contact. 

2) Casting the Club

One of the biggest power losses in the golf swing is casting, or losing lag on the downswing causing multiple misses.  The BMT Arm eliminates this.

3) Forward Lunge

A good golf swing sequence starts from the ground up (not from the top down). The BMT Arm provides a direct visual indicator if the upper body is lunging too far forward.

4) Over Swinging

The BMT Arm can be set to control overswinging, which is where the club goes well past parallel. The BMT Arm fixes a bent lead arm or too much wrist hinge that causes inconsistency and mishits.

5) Open Club Face

“Fanning the clubface open” on the backswing or at the top of the swing is a major fault of many golfers. The BMT Arm will teach you the correct clubface position for a more consistent shot shape and solid contact. 


1) Fix Your Clubface First

The Bio Movement Trainer - Arm is perfect for players looking to learn how to maintain a consistent and correct clubface position on the takeaway, position at the top, downswing and through the ball.

2) Power of the Trail Wrist at Top of Backswing

The trail wrist setting enables you to feel the perfect position at the top of the backswing to generate more power at impact.

3) Flat Lead Wrist at Impact

Impact is the most critical part of the golf swing.  The BMT Arm teaches the feel of a flat lead wrist at impact for chipping, pitching and full swings. Get this right and you’ll hit more solid shots and really improve your consistency.

4) Feel the Lag

The feel of the BMT training rod on the trail wrist gives instant feedback on lag which leads to a powerful and repeatable impact position.

5) Find the Slot

“The slot” on the downswing is something that is difficult to feel while hitting balls.  The Bio Movement Trainer - Arm gives the player the ability to train while hitting balls, receiving feedback on every swing to maximize practice time. Learn what “the slot” really feels like with the Total Golf Trainer - Arm.