Chiliwacker plane training tool by Eric Chiles

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Here are 8 great reasons to add the Chiliwacker to your practice routine.

  1. The Chiliwacker golf swing training aid is adjustable. One size fits all golf training aid for adults and junior golfers.
  2. Great for high or low handicapper. Bumpers adjust for all skill levels, from beginners to Tour players.
  3. Accommodates lefties too. Easily adjusts for right and left-handed players.
  4. Lightweight; only 4.5 lbs.  Includes an integrated carry bag with shoulder strap.
  5. Chiliwacker is strong. Aluminum tripod easily holds 100 pounds of weight!
  6. Superior engineering with custom molded high impact plastic brackets. Chiliwacker will not break!
  7. Protects your clubs. High-density foam yellow bumpers are easy on clubs and last.
  8. Portable. Easy to set up on the range, in the basement or in your backyard.

Watch how the Chiliwacker can improve your DISTANCE, CONSISTENCY, ACCURACY, and FEEL. Countless training aids promise this, but how many
can prove it? The videos show how the Chiliwacker works and how Trackman verifies the results.



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