Colour Path Golf Pro Training Kit

Colour Path Golf Pro Training Kit

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ColourPath Golf Pro Training Kit!

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Pro/Coach Training Kit

Aimed primarily at Instructors/Coaches, this Kit is the biggest of the range and used in the lesson environment for both individual and group coaching sessions. The Colour Path Golf Training Kit is a very multipurpose and versatile apparatus that can be used to teach people of any ability in every aspect of their game. There are lots of creative ways you can use the Kit in tips and drills setups that Students can quickly relate to and fast track their improvement. The ability to communicate what can be technical/complex tasks to students in a much more simplistic, visual approach is the huge benefit of using our colour coded system.


Aimed primarily at Instructors, our original Colour Path Training Kit has been designed specifically for green grass sites and for Professionals who regularly teach both small groups and individual golfers. The Colour Pro Golf Training Kit is comprised of 36 individual pieces allowing you to coach group classes of up to 4 Students with one Kit with enough versatility to create most drills and skills layouts. More Kit would be required depending on the number of setups you layout in the sessions. The Kit pieces are slightly larger than those that are found in our Practice Kit which is targeted to the Students to practice with away from their lessons with their CPG Instructor. Each Training Kit comes complete with a 'How to Leaflet' plus some additional online content.

The Training Kit includes the following 36 individual pieces:

  • 8 Yellow Thin Rulers
  • 4 Blue Thin Rulers
  • 4 Green Thin Rulers
  • 4 Red Thin Rulers
  • 1 Yellow Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Blue Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Green Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Red Medium Size Panel
  • 1 Yellow Large Pad
  • 1 Blue Large Pad
  • 1 Green Large Pad
  • 1 Red Large Pad
  • 2 Yellow Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Blue Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Green Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre
  • 2 Red Discs with 8mm Hole in Centre

You will also receive an A3 waterproof tough bag to carry all the pieces in also provided with a yellow microfibre towel to wipe clean your kit.

The Training Kit comes with a registration leaflet showing you some basic ways to lay your kit out, along with a unique registration number that you use to register your kit via our website to gain additional access to more fun ways to use your COLOUR PATH GOLF® Product.


“If you just communicate, you can get by, but if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles” Jim Rohn

We want more players enjoying the game of golf. COLOUR PATH GOLF was developed to improve clarity in communication between coach and student. Clarity of communication is key in all walks of life.

Imagine the statement "You're swinging too much on the inside". Does the student understand the terminology? How much is too much? Is the instructors' idea of too much the same as the players? 

Training aids such as alignment sticks can be great but they lack the clarity of where the club should be delivered from and where it should exit to. Unless you snap them into pieces and then it gets a bit messy.

COLOUR PATH GOLF® was created to show students the correct path using colour to influence movement. Giving a clear map to a student of how they should be swinging the club, is like delivering a guided GPS journey.

The more lessons we provide and the more professionals who use our kit to communicate the results are blowing us away. We've had beginners hitting the ball better than they could imagine, 10 handicap golfers suddenly hitting it better than they ever did and kids loving the engagement.

And if you think colours are for kids. Why do we think as we get older we make things more difficult? More technical? Surely with improved wisdom, we'd want to make things easier.

As the links between Neuroscience, NLP and coaching continue, communication and simplicity lie at the heart of development. The move to well being is all about quietening the noise. In essence, that is what COLOUR PATH GOLF does. It focuses on the process, not the result. The result will come from following the process. 

As we simplify the process for both coach and player better results will be attained and more people will love the game of golf in the same way we do. 

Whilst we provide training and drills to deliver our message, we have provided free content for you to experience just how easy golf can be. Whether you're a student or a professional who have their own teaching methodology, we're convinced you'll love what we believe to be the most powerful and versatile training aid in the market today.



The ultimate low tech product that produces high tech results!!

What price would you put on a training kit, that can be used on every visit that you make to the practice range?


If you are an instructor, a training aid that can be used in every single lesson situation?

With COLOUR PATH GOLF® we wanted to make the teaching of golf simpler. Our concept is designed to bring student and teaching professional closer together by improving the way they communicate. 

In a world where attention spans are decreasing through technology, social media, and information overload, the COLOUR PATH GOLF® system is designed to be an easy to follow communication tool. Rather than the internal instruction which focuses on the left-sided part of the brain, our system focuses on the external visualizations of the right side of the brain. In our pilot schemes, we found our students were more engaged, improved faster and from the feedback, had more fun learning.

COLOUR PATH GOLF® is an external focus training aid that we developed because we felt that our students were becoming overloaded with too much technical information and this was restricting their progression. Like everyone, we want to see more kids, ladies and families learning to play and involved in the game that we love but many of our best results have come from long-term players who just needed to return back to a little bit of simplicity.

Professionals have been using the kit with their own methods as it has aided clarity in communication. Whether you follow our methodologies or simply use the kit to emphasise to students what path their swing should follow.

We use yellow as the first step to our swing sequence reference as well as being a colour to grab your ATTENTION!

When we want to attract your ATTENTION to something we use this colour, so target lines, toe lines, and finish pads are all yellow.  

We use blue to influence any aspect of the swing that we want to see COOL and CALM!

Therefore we see the backswing as blue into the transition on the downswing to emphasize a CALMNESS to the change of direction in the swing. Often this has a massive effect on students when they relate to this colour as the clubhead falls into a blue zone.

Green represents the aspect of RELAX and GO!

We use this colour to influence the point at which you should start to generate acceleration in the swing, as well as our exit path for them through the swing. 

Green is also used when building our attack angle ramp used to influence a desired delivery position of the clubhead into the impact zone.

Red is the colour that we want to exert CONTROL such as a reference to the position of the face angle at various stages of the swing or ball position in the setup.

Red is the colour we also use to influence where we wish to see POWER and SPEED in the swing. (We are seeing significant increases in ball speed with the correct application of this colour in the swing sequence)

Red is also the colour we use when we create our LAUNCH ANGLE PAD to help influence specific improvements in the trajectory and direction of the flight of the ball.


Want more insight into the kits?  Click here and enroll for the insight course. It's free and a great way to learn about ColourPath Golf!