Distance Clips - Golf Yardage Marker Clips

Distance Clips - Golf Yardage Marker Clips

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$6.99 - $7.99

While the inventor was at the range with his "Little" from Big Brothers and Big Sisters, they both experienced the challenge of recalling the correct club to use during course play. Having seen professional golfers use tape or note cards to recall each club's distance, he wanted to come up with a more convenient way to help golfers choose the correct club. 

Wanting to take the boy to a 'real' golf course they had to stop and purchase some clothes that were appropriate as the boy had none. While shopping, he noticed tags at the top of the hanger with the size of the clothing.  Size 6, 8, 10 --- wham, then it happened. Why not to the same thing and clip distances onto your golf clubs? Thus Distance Clips® were born.

Find your distance on the range, then simply clip the club with the correct Yardage Marker® There is virtually no added weight (~ 1 gram), and the clip is undetectable when you take your stance.

Each Distance Clips package contains 17 clips ranging from 40 to 200 yards, in 10-yard increments, each set includes a free convenient zipper storage pouch.