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Face Angler

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Face Angler prevents having to look up at the club head at the top of your golf swing. With the Face Angler golf swing face angle trainer installed, you can use video to zoom in on the hands & see the clubface at impact.

Face Angler is the simplest, most effective golf training tool made to check your golf club's face angle throughout your golf swing. No more looking up at the golf club head at the top of your swing.



Step 1

Insert the Face Angler into the grip vent hole using a twisting motion.

Step 2

Adjust the Face Angler so it is in the same plane as the face of the club.



Follow the 6 steps outlined below by golf training professional Mark Steinbauer to learn the proper muscle memory needed to perfect your golf swing. Use Face Angler together with swing path golf training aids and you will be able to train for the two critical elements to a good golf swing: swing path and club face angle.

Now, at any point throughout your swing, you can see your golf club's face angle by simply observing the Face Angler golf training aid.

Position 1

Waist High Up
Ideally, toe up.

Position 2

Halfway to Top
Left arm, left forearm, and Face Angler all should be in the same plane.
Position 3
At the Top
Again, the left arm, left forearm and Face Angler should all be in the same place.
Position 4
Waist High Down (the slot)
Toe should be up, as in position 1.
Position 5 Halfway Past
Toe should be up.
Position 6 Finish
Toe should be down at the finish.
You can also use the Face Angler golf training aid together with video equipment to get a good idea of what is happening at impact during a real golf swing. Since the hands and grip are going much slower than the golf club head, it is possible to see much more detail during a swing, particularly near impact.
With the Face Angler golf training aid installed, you can zoom in on the hands/lower chest area during a taping sequence and note the club face angle by looking at the Face Angler. Face Angler can be aligned with the golf club face on the club head side or opposite the club head.