Golfer's Footprint

Golfer's Footprint

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The foundation of any swing begins with good posture and alignment. Alignment is one of the most talked-about elements of the golf swing, yet it is one of the most ignored steps in the pre-shot routine. Harvey Penick said it best: "Take dead aim."

The Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer encourages proper alignment with every swing. It gives you a visual reference tool that standardizes your pre-shot routine and helps you to square your feet, body, and clubface to the target line. Just put your "footprint" down and you're set to start hitting on the target line and take the guesswork out of aiming.

Visual learning is a valuable tool in both the development of a proper golf swing and in the building of a standardized swing pattern. The Golfer's Footprint combines visual learning with execution to ingrain the mind-to-muscle link that builds a solid, repeatable golf swing.

When you hit off of the Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer you benefit from bold, visual references that show the correct clubface, swing path, point of impact and target line. Every time you swing, you reinforce the correct swing mechanics. This forges the crucial link that enables your muscles to execute the golf swing that your mind envisions.

Every time you go to the range to practice, you should have a training plan. No matter what your playing level is, beginner to Tour Pro, you should never hit balls just to hit balls. Doing so not only wastes time, money and energy, it may also reinforce bad habits.

Keep it simple. Your plan does not have to be complicated. With a Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer, you can start standardizing your practice station and begin working on critical aspects of your game. Focus on swing path or club-face angle at impact. Drill yourself on alignment, squaring yourself to the target line, and hitting down the target line. Work on cutting the ball back to the target with a draw or fade shot.

Make a plan and stick with it. Just follow the red arrow. It's easy with the Golfer's Footprint as your guide!