Impact Decals - Edge Protect

Impact Decals - Edge Protect

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Our new Edge Protect Demo Wood label was specifically designed to demonstrate driver forgiveness on off-center hits while providing a degree of top edge protection for new clubs. This Impact label adds a professional look to the club demo process. No more clubs covered in masking tape or expensive plastic coatings. While it is relatively easy to buff out a sole plate and restore a demo club to like new appearance, it is never easy to repair damage to the leading edge caused by topped hits. Our Impact label materials will provide the protection of a thick paper layer, an adhesive layer, and a poly plastic top coat.

While almost nothing will totally protect the surface from the most egregious offenders, these layers cause enough of the force to be deflected to eliminate most damage. They also clearly indicate all contact points so adjustments can be made to avoid the chance of turning a new demo club into a heavily discounted clearance item. In addition to helping protect that new club look, Edge Protect impact labels give a very clear reading of every impact position as well as dimple shape to show club path. Being able to verify that an impact well off the sweet-spot still produced a long straight result due to superior design, can be the visual confirmation to back up the club makers claims.

Edge Protect impact labels are the standard of the industry and are used by major club makers to fit, demonstrate and test their clubs. Every label features clean removal adhesive, a tough poly cover layer and the ability to accurately show impacts for at least 8-10 shots before needing to be replaced. This is a very large label to provide not only some top edge protection but coverage for the full face of today's large drivers. There is a center hole punch-out to make line-up easier.

Note: Remove the label from bottom peeling towards the top to avoid tearing or damage of the label.