PowerLeg Strap - Power Leg Strap

PowerLeg Strap - Power Leg Strap

Full Swing Aids


     Good leg work is an integral part of a correct body turn, and all great players have a good body turn. With the PowerLeg Strap, you will be locked into the correct position over the right leg (for right-handed players) ready to uncoil & strike at the ball with maximum force! Swaying or moving laterally 'off the ball' makes it virtually impossible to produce consistent results for the average golfer.

     By keeping the weight from moving outside the rear leg, the player is forced to rotate the upper body against the lower body, producing a coiling action that is more a pressure shift than a weight shift. With the left foot firmly planted, the player is ready to unwind & fire at the target. By tightening up your coil, both timing and distance will be improved within minutes.

     The Power Leg Coil is fully adjustable and can be used by both right and left-handed players. If you want more power and greater control of your shots, get coiled & feel the energy!