Perfect Swing Path Board

Perfect Swing Path Board

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Perfect Swing Path Board

Perfect Swing Path Board - Ball Position

This golf swing path trainer is based on the Ben Hogan swing training, stance, and ball position methods. Match your feet on the boards feet to get standard ball position. Lower trajectory shots move right foot closer to the left. For higher shots move right foot further from standard. LEFT FOOT STAYS CONSTANT! The Perfect Swing Path Board is your golf instructor teaching aid for Swing Path based on the nine ball flight laws. The golf training aids in putting! Great putting track to monitor putting stroke on an arc or straight back and through.



Use the Perfect Swing Path Board for Putting

The putting track is easy! Line the putter up to the Putter Face Alignment. Set your eyes over the target line. Stroke the putter down the green target line and can your putt. Smylie Kaufman, a PGA Tour Member, bought one from me to improve his putting! There are two ways to use the board for putting. On the reverse side, practice putting with the perfect arc. Use this side if your eyes are on the inside of ball. 


Perfect Swing Path Board shot shaping - Ned Martin

Perfect Swing Path Board- Shot Shaping

Learn to shape your shots with the Perfect Swing Path Board!  Based on the nine ball flight laws and Trackman. We have the perfect arc, an inside out arc (5 degrees) and an outside in arc (5 degrees). The face alignment are at (2.5 degrees). Follow the Path of Blue with face angle closed to that Path at 2.5 degrees and hit beautiful draw at Red Target Line. Follow the Red Path with face angle open 2.5 degrees of Red Path and shot will fade at Red Target Line



from Scott Wetzler on Vimeo.


Shape your shots by following the Path and Club Face Angles!  Based on the nine ball flight laws and trackman. Face angle is 4 times more important than Path. In order to hit draws and fades Path must be correct. This golf stance training aid paints a picture to hit all the shots!