GRIP COACH (3 styles)

GRIP COACH (3 styles)

Golf Grip Aids


NOTE: Make sure to select the correct grip style when ordering. RH is for right-handed golfers and LH is for left-handed golfers. 


The Grip Coach goes over the golfer's existing grip on their own clubs, then removed instantly and placed on any other club they wish to use.

Why limit your golfer to practicing with one "practice club" by using one of those permanently attached teaching grips, when you can be using our Grip Coach that can be moved from one club to another instantly!

The Grip Coach was designed to help a golfer shorten the learning curve between learning the grip, being comfortable with the grip and maintaining a good grip. What we found out was that more than just the beginning golfer benefited from such a tool. Almost any golfer, no matter what the ability, who was having trouble with their grip would benefit from the Grip Coach.


  • Grip Coach transfers to any club within seconds…easily and quickly, so golfers can switch clubs as they are practicing, ensuring a proper grip consistently from club to club.
  • Grip Coach simply snaps onto the present club grip and guides the hands into exact placement in seconds, enhancing technique, resulting in lower and more consistent scores immediately!
  • Because the Grip Coach is easily transferable from one club to another, golfers can use it at the driving range, practice at the comfort of their own home, wherever….without having to modify their club in any way. And, Grip Coach fits on oversized grips as well.