GripIt Rite

GripIt Rite

Golf Grip Aids

14.99 - 16.99

  • The GripIt Rite training aid teaches and develops an ideal grip - Golf's most important fundamental
  • Developed by Henry Brunton, Canadian PGA Master Professional - Canada's first and only GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher.
  • Use it on your own clubs
  • Easy on and off
  • Take it to the range and the course
  • Excellent feel
  • Develops skill and confidence that transfers to your game
  • Buy several and leave on favorite clubs
  • Patent no. 7,537,525
  • Other US and world wide patents pending

Checks, Corrects and
Reinforces a Correct Grip!
    • Checks, corrects and reinforces a correct grip
    • Leads to longer and straighter shots
    • Precision finger and hand placement
    • Use it on your clubs for practice and play
    • Fits all standard grips

Gripit Rite is quite simply the easiest and best way to learn a golf grip. It transfers quickly from club to club while allowing the player to calibrate exactly where the grip is in relation to the clubface. This is a must have for any instructor or beginning to intermediate player seeking to learn or improve their grip.