The Perfect Grip

The Perfect Grip

Golf Grip Aids


Market research has shown that the player's grip is the single most common fault among amateur golfers and one of the major reasons why they tend to hook or slice the ball. For most golfers, the desire to lower their scores and play more consistently is what they are striving to achieve. The Perfect Grip gives players the confidence and ability to repeatedly execute one of the most vital elements of the golf swing with textbook precision.

The Perfect Grip fits like a 'second skin' over your regular clubs. It let you experience how it actually feels when you hit a ball using precisely the same grip techniques as the world's best professionals. And the unique T-Trac locking system provides a rock solid fit to any club in the bag & is guaranteed not to shift during practice. The world's first fully detachable imprint of a technically perfect grip provides a 'blueprint' for hitting consistently shots. Why spend big bucks for all the equipment & lessons if you don't perfect the most crucial fundamental there is?

Each Perfect Grip includes extra T-Trac locking strips so you can fit it over thinner or over-sized (not giant ones though) grips. The video showing how simple and effective the product is to use is shown below.

The best part about this grip in our opinion is how it marries the hands together to get them to work as a single unit. Make sure you choose a size that is right for you. Use it on a club or a cut down shaft to ingrain the feel of a "Perfect Grip!"

Note: Shaft alignment decals are not included any longer. The product comes in a black drawstring bag for storage so your purchase includes the grip, extra T-Trac locking strips and carry bag.