PLANE SET adjustable plane trainer - NEW 2021 aluminum model

PLANE SET adjustable plane trainer - NEW 2021 aluminum model

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Featuring the new all-aluminum base  Super shiny! Super strong!

PLANE SET by JS Elements will guide you through the correct swing path from takeaway through impact.

Note: In many videos, you will see the original 3D-printed plastic version of the PLANE SET. The functions are the same, but the new version is a solid aluminum block base that will not crack or warp when you toss it in your car or teaching bag. 

A custom white PLANE SET alignment rod is provided FREE with your order along with the flexible black rod with the blue ball head at the end.




  • PLANE SET simulates a swing plane that is useful for consistent swing performance and intended shot shape
  • PLANE SET gives you feedback where the club head is compared to a fixed swing plane
  • PLANE SET golf swing plane training aid helps you build a consistent swing
  • PLANE SET helps learning shot shaping – draw/fade

Learn to swing from the inside, the most wanted type of shot-draw. The GOAL is to swing above the stick during up-swing and below the stick during down-swing to provide an in-to-out swing path and draw ball flight. You'll see this in some of the videos.

Alternately, you can use the PLANE SET for the follow-through to ensure the club is coming back on an inside arc. Using two units give you a complete swing guide for your swing plane, but a single unit works very well also.




    • PLANE SET includes everything you need to work on swing plane. The only thing better than one is two!
    • Inludes an easy to use clamping knob to quickly adjust the plane angle
    • always the same angle of swing plane - adjustable on scale
    • the stick is flexible – no risk of injury
    • the golf swing plane trainer aid can be used on regular driving range or on a mat
    • fits into a bag
    • Weighted base gives the product a solid feel. Plane Set won't blow over or wobble. 


    Plane Set may be used right or left-handed and is everything you need as a reference for swing path and plane through impact. New aluminum model for 2021!