Perfect Release

Perfect Release

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The pros make it look so easy.
Where do they get that effortless club head speed?

It is no secret. The answer is in the proper golf swing release, "The Perfect Release". Now for the cost of a typical round of golf with your friends, you will quickly learn what is needed to become a better golfer, lower your scores, and "Feel What The Pros Feel".

What is the Perfect Release?

The Perfect Release golf training aid is a recently introduced, patented and yet affordable golf training aid that uses a flexible cord connected between the golf club and lead arm. It quickly relaxes the grip, sets the golf club on plane, maintains a square clubface, induces the release of the golf club and promotes a positive body turn. Feel it to believe it and "Feel What the Pros Feel".


The Perfect Release golf training aid works by using "Dynamic Technology". The underlying element of this technology is tension. The tension supplied by the specially designed cord actually takes the weight of the golf club out of your hands thus allowing you to relax your grip completely. This also leads to a more neutral grip.

A RELAXED GRIP is a basic for releasing the golf club consistently and smoothly. A relaxed grip is the most important basic to any pros ability to make golf look so easy and what explains where they get that seemingly effortless power. A relaxed grip will allow:

More clubhead speed = More Distance = Better Shotmaking = A Draw = A Perfect Release

The release will be easy when you relax your grip.

As well as promoting a relaxed grip, the tension of the cord creates the need for a solid alignment of your hands, arms and clubhead. If you have a breakdown in this alignment, you will feel it as well as see it immediately. Therefore it teaches you to maintain a solid/aligned position throughout the golf swing. Combining a solid alignment of your hands, arms and golf club with a relaxed grip, allows for and promotes increased clubhead speed, control, and a Perfect Release.

The tension of the cord creates the need for a synchronized body turn and arm swing, also known as 'staying connected' for a properly timed, Perfect Release. Furthermore, by keeping the cord slightly tense at the top of the backswing ensures that a solid and consistent angle between the arm and club shaft has been created.

The "BEST" Speed Training and Muscle Memory device ever developed for golf.

(note: the adult strap measures 20" in length. The junior is 12" total strap length.)