Chip Trainer short game practice system by ChipTrainer

Chip Trainer short game practice system by ChipTrainer

Nets, Mats, Balls & Targets

$49.99 - $79.99

Chip Trainer - the fastest way to learn to chip!

The Chip Trainer golf chipping mats allow golfers to simulate stance, ball position, posture, and grip, while giving instant feedback on shot quality. Choose right or left-handed orientation when ordering and make sure to order the system and not just the mat if you want the full system. 

Chip Trainer is a rainy day savior! Get great feedback and perfect your distance control and contact with the ball.

If you would like more detailed information on these golf chipping mats, you can visit to view the manufacturers website. Also, here is what we feel is a fair review of the product:  You will note in the review that the stand is the weakest part of the product, but it is adequate, especially if you put a small amount of weight on it to stabilize the base.

Pro Tip: Put the backdrop and mat in the dryer with heat for 15-20 minutes to relax the mats before first use. This is mentioned briefly in the videos, but run the dryer while you are putting the stand together. Once you do this they will stay flat.

If you want to improve your chipping, this is a fantastic and user friendly way to do it!

Practice ANY PLACE, ANY TIME. Improve your short game FAST!!! 

All the basic elements of a good chip shot are incorporated into the golf chipping mats. Learn proper setup and ball position, weight distribution, hand position, and hit shot after shot into the padded backdrop. 

The Chip Trainer was created for top performers looking to break par, executives who can’t get to the driving range, and anyone who wants to learn the game of golf from the turf up. Our product is helping golfers practice perfecting their contact off the course, leading to improvement on the course with three simple Chip Trainer fundamentals. One of the biggest benefits is the number of repetitions you can get in a very small space. Anywhere you have a corner you could be improving your chipping!

Perfect setup leads to better contact which improves and direction control. With the Chip Trainer, you can reduce scores by 4-8 shots within a few weeks.

Tom M - Chip Trainer“I needed a way to improve my short-game off the course, because I didn’t have time or facilities to practice my chipping. After the success it has brought me, I’m sharing it with golfers like you to transform your short game.”    

Chip Trainer Founder, Tom Masucci

 While we recommend the full Chip Trainer system for anyone who wants to practice at home or at the office, instructors will like the Chip Trainer golf chipping mat only option to use at their facility for a way to get setup fast to perfect a student's chipping or pitching fundamentals. Master alignment, path, ball position and consistent low point in just a few short sessions! 

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“I was struggling to break 80, and after a couple weeks I shot a 71 and 74 in a tournament. Getting up and down from around the greens completely changed my scores.”   ----  JEFF K

"In a matter of days my scores were lower, and I went from a 9.6 to a 6.4 handicap in just under a month."   ----  MIKE O


Weight:   5 lbs.

Dimensions:   36 x 12 x 12 inches