Flight Deck Putting Trainer by FlightDeck

Flight Deck Putting Trainer by FlightDeck

Putting Aids


Welcome to Flight Deck Putting, a unique training device to improve your putting! 

Flight Deck provides an easy to use and effective way for you to improve and stabilize square impact position for all your putts. 


The Science of Impact*

Whether it is a putt or a full shot, everything about the golf ball’s flight and roll (excluding external forces) is decided at IMPACT. The putter face angle at IMPACT is the most important influence in starting your ball properly on line.  PGA Tour Professionals hole 50% of their putts from a distance of 8 feet.  These ‘makeable’ putts require the putter face angle at impact to be square to the line of putt.  This is precisely what the Flight Deck is designed to train!


Path vs. Face Angle*

The putter face angle at impact determines the initial ball direction to 85% and is the most important factor for ball direction.

The direction of the swing path at impact determines  the initial ball direction about 15% and is thus making impact face angle nearly 6 times more important as compared with swing path factor for ball direction.

A face angle error of 1 degree will result in missing the hole in a 4 meter putt (if the putter path is square at the same time). For half the distance in a 2 meter putt an error of 2 degrees will result in missing the hole.

The resistance “correction” band and isometric impact block training help you develop a square face angle at impact.   The positive and immediate bio feedback makes training simple, fun and effective.  Think of it as “Fitness for your stroke”!

This type of training will help you quickly develop a consistently square face angle through the impact zone for more accurate putting.  Very simply, more made putts!




How it Works

The primary components that train you to develop square face angle position at impact are the elastic ‘correction’ band and the rubber ‘stop blocks’.  Once easily anchored to the green and lined up for a straight putt from an ideal distance of 10 feet or less, you are ready to train.

As you approach the impact zone  (Pic 1), the putter first comes into contact with the resistance correction band (Pic 2) and starts to  help square your face angle.  You then make contact with the ball and end your stroke shortly after against the stop blocks (Pics 3 & 4).   This is a very short impact zone of only 1.125 inches (29 mm) and the end of the stroke against the isometric training blocks guarantee the square putter face angle.



The Flight Deck Putting Trainer is a one-of-a-kind, commercial grade tool for perfecting your impact position. A great tool for beginner to tour pro, for any age, right or left-handed. Get yours and start putting better now!