Perfect Practice Putting Mat - NEW Executive Model v4 - NOW IN STOCK!

Perfect Practice Putting Mat - NEW Executive Model v4 - NOW IN STOCK!

Putting Aids



“Best Putting Mat I have Ever Tried!!”        “Five Stars”  

Features include a Crystal Velvet mat that simulates actual green-speed with an automatic ball return so the ball feeds right back to you. Two difficulty levels; master the small hole to make the regulation one seem easy. Printed white tracks guide your stroke path. Printed measurement markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet. This is the best putting practice mat we’ve ever tested.


Note: The video below is of the original model. Please see the pictures for the updated look and improved features! You will be receiving the latest 2020 version. 


What the Tour Pros are Saying:

"It's awesome mate! For the elite and for kids too, my boys love it. It's teaching them the correct alignment...Thanks for the mat and looking forward to making more putts!!" - Marc Leishman - PGA Tour Pro
"I love it! Thank you again Perfect Practice" - Charles Howell III - PGA Tour Pro
"It's much better than other mats I have used over the years, Great Quality, thanks again!" - Vijay Singh - PGA Tour Legend
"Feeling good!!! Thank you Perfect Practice, Go get yours!!" - Joaquin Niemann - PGA Tour Pro  
"I love the Perfect Practice putting mat, great for Rainy day practice" - Lydia Ko - LPGA Tour Pro  (youngest ever to reach world #1)
“It’s working great and looking forward to having some fun with it the next few weeks before getting back out there!” - Talor Gooch - PGA Tour Pro