Perfect Practice Putting Mat - NEW Executive Model v3

Perfect Practice Putting Mat - NEW Executive Model v3

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“Best Putting Mat I have Ever Tried!!”        “Five Stars”  

Features include a Crystal Velvet mat that simulates actual green-speed with an automatic ball return so the ball feeds right back to you. Two difficulty levels; master the small hole to make the regulation one seem easy. Printed white tracks guide your stroke path. Printed measurement markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet. This is the best putting practice mat we’ve ever tested.


Note: The video below is of the original model. Please see the pictures for the updated look and improved features!


What the Tour Pros are Saying:

"It's awesome mate! For the elite and for kids too, my boys love it. It's teaching them the correct alignment...Thanks for the mat and looking forward to making more putts!!" - Marc Leishman - PGA Tour Pro
"I love it! Thank you again Perfect Practice" - Charles Howell III - PGA Tour Pro
"It's much better than other mats I have used over the years, Great Quality, thanks again!" - Vijay Singh - PGA Tour Legend
"Feeling good!!! Thank you Perfect Practice, Go get yours!!" - Joaquin Niemann - PGA Tour Pro  
"I love the Perfect Practice putting mat, great for Rainy day practice" - Lydia Ko - LPGA Tour Pro  (youngest ever to reach world #1)
“It’s working great and looking forward to having some fun with it the next few weeks before getting back out there!” - Talor Gooch - PGA Tour Pro