PLANE SET adjustable plane trainer with extra rod

PLANE SET adjustable plane trainer with extra rod

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PLANE SET – golf training aid

will guide you through the correct swing path from takeaway through impact.

Note: The golf swing plane trainer aid you receive will be blue with white rod holder. This new version (as of March 2020) has an additional hole in the base where you can insert an alignment rod.  A custom Plane Set alignment rod is provided FREE with your order. 




  • Plane Set simulates a swing plane that is useful for consistent swing performance and intended shot shape
  • Plane Set gives you feedback where the club head is compared to a fixed swing plane
  • helps learning shot shaping – draw/fade
  • learn to swing from the inside, the most wanted type of shot-draw, in this case:
    The GOAL is to swing above the stick during up-swing and bellow the stick during down-swing to provide an in-to-out swing path and draw ball flight. You'll see this in some of the videos.
  • Plane Set helps you build a consistent swing



    • Plane Set includes everything you need to work on swing plane. The only thing better than one is two!
    • easy to use clamping knob to quickly adjust the plane angle
    • always the same angle of swing plane - adjustable on scale
    • the stick is flexible – no risk of injury
    • the golf swing plane trainer aid can be used on regular driving range or on a mat
    • fits into a bag
    • Weighted base gives the product a solid feel. Plane Set won't blow over or wobble. 


    Plane Set may be used right or left-handed and is everything you need as a reference for swing path and plane through impact. New for 2020!

    Reminder: All bases are blue with white rod holder.