Shift Stick - hip and shoulder swing trainer

Shift Stick - hip and shoulder swing trainer

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Turn your shoulders as far as you can in your backswing while maintaining your original address posture. Start the downswing by turning the Shift Stick hard to the left much like cracking a whip, while keeping your back to the target. Your hips will lead your upper body the arms and shoulders will follow. This will put the clubhead in the correct slot with a powerful “inside” path. This will help you maintain the angles between your arms and the club shaft into the downswing, unleashing speed through impact.

Focus on unwinding your hips with a hard whip of the Shift Stick to the left (for righties), or right (for lefties). This Whipping of the Shift Stick will maximize your swing speed.





How does Shift Stick Work?

Shift Stick helps you focus on turning / whipping the hips left (righties) right (lefties), Shift Stick is visual in front of you as you complete the backswing as a reminder to whip the Shift Stick first. Experience what pros and other golfers have already discovered using the Shift Stick. Shift Stick is also perfect for alignment as it sits directly on your waist.


Will I see an increase in Swing Speed?

You will see an increase in swing speed and also gain more distance as long as you turn the hips Shift Stick (or whip) them first before the arms start to come down. Learn how the pros achieve effortless power.


What size does it come in?

Shift Stick is designed to fit the smallest waist up to 48inches. It has a Velcro back that feeds the excess into the front loops.


Will I see an increase in Power?

Yes, you will Unleash your Power into the ball as long as you turn the Shift Stick /hips (or whip) them first before the arms start to come down. Noticeable in increased ball speed.


Do I need to change my swing in order to use the Shift Stick?

No, be sure to keep/use the fundamentals of grip, posture, stance and backswing.


When will I see the results?

You will see and feel the results in one range session as you get used to turning Shift Stick / hips first with passive arms and hands. With continuous use you will ingrain that into your permanent swing.