Haas Golf 180

Haas Golf 180

Full Swing Aids


 Haas Golf 180 was designed to simplify the golf swing by using feel instead of thought. It pulls the hands and arms, using the most direct route to the positions most common in all correct golf swings, the 180 degree positions. Utilizing 4 easy to do drills golfers only need to align the grip attachment with the tension tube and swing or swing and align. The back swing, down swing and follow through can be quickly memorized using feel. This provides the components to a correct golf swing. Correct golf swings with the right posture and grip create perfect impact.

Immediately correct and maintain the golf swing using the registered trademark shape of Haas Golf 180.

Haas Golf 180 Kit Includes:

  • Solid steel rod with grip and ring attachment
  • Light and medium tension tubes - quick change
  • Loop attachment - use with any stable object
  • Door anchor
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction sheet
  • Easy reference brochure

Key Points:

  • Backswing, downswing and follow through
  • Compact and Highly Portable
  • Use right or left-handed
  • Eliminate swing mistakes
  • Learn a correct swing motion
  • Get results fast!

View the Haas Golf 180 .pdf file here.