Pro Low Putting System

Pro Low Putting System

Putting Aids


PGA Pro Kevin Aines developed The Pro Low Putting System to give all players a chance not only to improve their putting stroke but to also lower their scores. The system addresses the two elements in putting: Stroke & Distance.

Using the six practices in the instructional manual you will learn a consistent stroke that gets the ball rolling on target. You will develop your distance control by using the unique number system on the alignment bar. Each number equals a distance for your back stroke and follow through. The distance chart on the back page of the manual is your guide. You can view the guide here: PRO LOW INSTRUCTION MANUAL


The benefits of the system:
    • *A better understanding of your stroke
    • *A solid base to develop distance control
    • *Improved set up position
    • *Consistent alignment

Kevin designed the putting stroke trainer system to eliminate the major issues of an inconsistent stroke:

  • *Too long of a backstroke
  • *Putter too high off the putting surface
  • *No follow through on the forward stroke

Using the practices you will eliminate the uncontrolled backstroke. Your contact to the ball will be consistent and the roll will be true. You will keep the putter parallel with the putting surface for solid contact. Each practice with the putting stroke trainer also helps you learn to keep the putter square to the target throughout the stroke. By learning the new stroke and developing control, you will start making more puts and eliminating 3 putts.

The Pro Low Putting System is designed for both right or left handed golfers, as well as the terminology used in the manual. The system is easy to set up, simple to use and fits in the golf bag. This is a putting stroke and distance trainer tool. Use our practices and I encourage you to come up with some of your own. We looked to make practice fun, enjoyable and to improve your game.



"The Pro Low is the best putting tool I've ever used. My putter to ball contact is the best it's been in years. The distance control on lag putts has improved drastically and has knocked off 3-5 putts per round." ~ Mike P. Powder Springs, Ga.

"The Pro Low is a versatile putting aid that helps golfers develop a proficient stroke. It sets up in seconds for practice indoor or outdoors before a round. If every golfer had one on their bag, they'd realize drastic improvement and taker fewer strokes." ~ Don Peterson, P.G.A. The Swing Factory, Top 50 Teacher, Golf Range Magazine

"ProLow Putting Trainers have been an incredible addition to our youth golf program. It provides a simple, great visual aid that helps our juniors instinctively learn critical putting concepts! We have had several beginners have their "lightbulb" moment purely because of the ProLow Putting Trainers! The durability and easy assembly also make transporting and setting up for clinics a breeze!"
Christopher Moore, Jr. Golf Leader - Atlanta Athletic Club