Aim Mate

Aim Mate

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A unique, ingenious, affordable, pocket sized aid, used and loved by coaches and golfers worldwide. Offers total game improvement, delivered with simplicity and the ultimate convenience.

Use both faces, singularly or as a pair to create a multitude of practice routines and drills. Aim-Mate sits under your ball, giving you true alignment and stores in the side pocket of a golf bag, always at hand for a training session or pre round warm-up. Use it out on the course in a practice round to boost confidence and accelerate development.

Designed to improve your directional alignment and understand the swing plane, you will learn to aim straight with Aim-Mate.  Geared towards all skill levels and accommodated for both left and right handed players, this is an effective alignment aid you can carry in your pocket or golf bag.  The Aim-Mate design is reversible so you can use both faces to improve multiple elements of your game. 

Flexible rubber, won’t harm you or your clubs. Quick start user guide included in each twin pack. Bring consistency to your game with an Aim-Mate and benefit from its 40 plus uses to make you a better golfer.

"Safe, versatile, portable and endless possible drills"