Dead Zero Putting Disk - Original and Pro models

Dead Zero Putting Disk - Original and Pro models

Putting Aids

24.99 - 29.99

Information on the new PRO model with embedded green reading level is at the bottom of this page. There are two models, the original, no level, and the new Pro model, with level.

The Dead Zero Putting Disk is based on the proven concept that practicing with a target smaller than the actual target will help you build confidence and make it easier to hit the real target in game situations. There are plenty of examples of this across several sports and including golf already. Throwing footballs through a tire, shooting basketballs at a hoop with a reduced rim size, and hitting baseballs with a skinny bat are perfect examples. In golf, you already have reduced-sized club faces on irons and putters and reduced-diameter cups on putting greens. What you don’t have is a properly designed and sized putting target that can be used when and where you want.You can practice with the Dead Zero Putting Disk on any surface on any green at any time and get instant visual feedback while you practice. Keep it in your bag or keep it handy at home or in your office. Practice on any area of the green and challenge yourself with different slopes and speeds. Although designed for improving your confidence and making more putts of ten feet or less, the Dead Zero Putting Disk can also be used for long-range lag putting or green-side chipping.

Why it works (refer to above image when reading):

A golf hole is not as large as it appears. How many times have you hit putts that looked like they were going to catch the left or right side of the cup only to see the putt lip out? The reality is that the area of any golf hole where you are guaranteed to have the putt fall in versus lip out is much smaller than the full diameter of the hole. The Dead Zero Putting Disks are founded in scientific research and have been designed to be the optimal size for small target putting practice.

The disk size (diameter) is based on research combining ideal putt speeds (those that would travel 17" past the hole) with the measurement of an above-ground target. Referencing the graphic below, any putt that rolls within the target width (one that would strike the disk) would fall into the hole. Any putt that rolls to the left or right of a certain width, or misses the disk, results in a putt that misses the hole or lips out.

Your Dead Zero Putting Disk order includes a precision milled and anodized disk, matching steel ball marker and an embroidered pouch for easy storage in your golf bag.

"As the Director of Instruction at Oakmont Country Club since 2004, I understand the importance of putting and how it can affect not just your score, but also your mental state when hitting other shots. As I tried the Dead Zero Putting disk, I instantly recognized the potential impact that can be created by practicing with the disk. Every golfer should have one."

Eric Johnson, Director of Instruction at Oakmont Country Club
Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher


New Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro with level!

The new Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro model offers golfers the ability to accurately determine green slope and a true fall line when practicing their "money" putts. Like the original model, the Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro helps all golfers build confidence to make more putts inside eight to ten feet.

"We received a lot of positive feedback from those who ordered and tried the original Dead Zero Putting Disk. Some of the comments from the more elite players included a desire to know the slope of the green while practicing. We listened and have added a bubble-level to the top of the disk," states Eric Schmitt, Creator and President of the Dead Zero Putting Disk.

The Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro is a putting training aid founded in scientific research that applies the proven concept of reduced-size target training. Based on published research involving ideal putt speeds, the diameter of the patent-pending Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro is sized appropriately so that any putt that strikes the disk either directly or with just a subtle glance represents a putt that would have gone into the cup. Hit it and it's in.

"Successful putting requires the ability to repeat a stroke and the confidence to do so in all situations. I tell my students who want to quickly reduce their scores and handicaps to focus on eliminating 3-putts and to start making more putts inside eight feet. The average golfer 3-putts three to four times per round. Eliminating those putts and making a few extra one-putts from inside eight feet can knock your score down by five or more strokes per round," states Eric Johnson, Director of Instruction at Oakmont Country Club. "I advise anyone looking to save strokes on the green to start practicing with the Dead Zero Putting Disk."

The suggested retail price for the new Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro model is $29.95 and includes a bulls-eye patterned ball marker and an embroidered pouch for storage. This disk golf putter aid helps golfers make more putts, lower their scores and enjoy the game more. Ultimately, that's the purpose of the Dead Zero Putting Disk Pro.