Delta Putt - Single and Delta Dueler

Delta Putt - Single and Delta Dueler

Putting Aids

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Knowing what you just did is critical to correcting what you just did. This is true for both a perfect putting stroke and an imperfect putting stroke. If you are out on the golf course putting green and miss a 4 foot putt, you will ask yourself; Did I push it? Did I pull it? Was the putter face open ? Closed? Or did I simply misread it? You don’t know! When you practice with The Delta Putt, you will know how you stroked the putt every single time. The Delta putt three sided triangle puck will show you what you did every stroke. Instantly you will see the results and you can “feel” what you just did to cause the puck to react the way it did. When you know what you’ve done, then and only then can you begin to correct mistakes and flaws in your stroke. There is no other device that gives you the instant visual feedback that The Delta Putt provides. Take it with you when you visit your PGA Professional for a putting lesson and you will be amazed at the feedback your Pro and The Delta Putt give you. You will be amazed with the results you see in just the first session.



Knowing whether you are stroking your putts “down the line” is critical to becoming a great putter. The design of the Delta puck allows you to see down the line to the intended target. Starting with the “Amateur” side, every stroke you take with the Delta putt will show you if you are stroking the putt “down the line.” You will instantly see whether the putt was pushed or pulled and to what degree you may have pushed or pulled it. This allows you to make subtle adjustments to your set up until you can consistently track the Delta puck down the line. Once you have mastered this, remain in your putting set up position and rake the puck back to its starting point and continue to make putt after putt without changing your setup position. Soon you will develop a consistent repeatable stroke as you move to the more difficult “Pro” and “Tour” side of the triangle puck. Continuing to refining your stroke and muscle memory will help you take tremendous strides toward becoming a master putter.


What is the quickest way to lower your golf score and handicap? Make more putts! Justin Rose recently won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics by two strokes. While assessing his victory, the TV commentators stated that he “Never missed a putt under 4 feet all week. That is the reason he won this tournament.” Absolutely true! He didn’t win it by driving the ball 300 yards down the fairway. He won it by making putts. That is why we created The Delta Putt system. Putting is such a key component of the golf game and often the part that is practiced the least. Now, The Delta Putt allows you to practice putting anywhere and anytime you wish. All you need is a flat, relatively firm surface and you’re ready to go. Practice at home, the office, in your hotel room whenever, wherever you want. Practice while watching TV or while you’re on a conference call at the office. The Delta Putt, allows you to practice quality putting anytime, anywhere. Let’s face it, putting practice can be really boring. Not with The Delta Putt. Every stroke challenges you to focus and make a perfect putt. If you do, you will see perfect results. If you don’t, The Delta Putt lets you know so you can make immediately adjustments. No more excuses. Improve your putting and then get out there and lower your score!


The Delta Putt is a breakthrough tool, that will transform your short game. How? By giving you instant feedback without any special electronic devices.
By practicing with The Delta Putt, you can immediately determine subtle changes necessary to strengthen your game and decrease your strokes, all from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or wherever you are. The Delta Putt is compact so it travels with you.
Take your game to the next level, with The Delta Putt. Pick your side! With three sides offering different skill levels, our Delta Putt Puck will give you instant feedback on your stroke based on your skill level. Our lightweight, portable Delta Putt Mat is uniquely designed to have the same feeling as a golf green. So you can improve on your short game from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office.
The Inventor, Dave grill has been a student of the game for over 50 years. He has played with every level of golfer; from world class professionals to first-time players who’ve never held a club in their hand. His experiences range from National Long Drive competitions to caddying on the PGA Tour and has seen every type of golf swing and putting stroke imaginable. “Players that win tournaments, at any level, are good putters”. Dave Grill