EEZ-Read Green Reader

EEZ-Read Green Reader

Putting Aids


The EEZ-READ Green Reader (pronounced Easy Read) is a high accuracy "bubble level" attached to a watchmaker’s grade stainless steel disc that’s sturdy enough to provide a quick reading of the greens contours, yet lightweight enough to carry in your pocket during play. This green reading level is intended to help golfers on putts with subtle or confusing breaks and works best on putts within 20 feet of the hole.

EEZ-READ Green Reader can be used in three simple steps:

  1. Line up your putt and imagine the break-line.
  2. Place the EEZ-READ Green Reader on the line halfway between your ball and the hole to determine the overall break.
  3. Place the EEZ-READ Green Reader on the same line within six inches of the hole to see if that break continues through to the hole.

After just a few holes, golfers will learn to rely on EEZ-READ Green Reader to read their putts and build confidence in their putting. Using this green reading level will also speed up play as players spend less time trying to determine the break on the green to read their line.