Fuzion Dyn-A-Line

Fuzion Dyn-A-Line

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Fuzion Dyn-A-line

Congratulations and welcome to a new way of making putts by practicing with a product that grooves a much more repeatable stroke than you could ever accomplish on your own.

The Dyn-A-line putting training aid is a dynamic (means you use it in motion) putting practice aid that clamps on your putter grip and a standard alignment stick. When you add the Training Trident/Pro Pointer to the top end of the stick and place it against your upper chest ou have a perfectly aligned stroke every time that also completely controls all the wrong ways you can move the putter head. If you mess it up you get instant feedback! Once you take it off you have the "after affect" feeling of using Dyn-A-line because it is weighted and you can feel the improved stroke!