Putting Aids

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The PutterWheel system is comprised of a highly engineered PutterWheel and its corresponding alignment template.The PutterWheel is not simply a ball with the sides cut off. It is is designed to replicate the size, weight and feel of an actual golf ball.

The PutterWheel is uniquely engineered to be highly sensitive to mis-hits, resulting in wobbling and curving off the intended line. Multiple engineering, manufacturing and testing cycles were deployed over 2 years to get the perfect combination of outer material hardness, internal weighting and other factors to provide the right amount of feedback. The red beveled edges make getting your eyes directly over the ball fool-proof. The corresponding alignment template is also an important part of the PutterWheel system.

Choose from one of three styles in the drop-down menu. The twin-pack is the best overall value.

1 Pack Pouch:

Contains 1 Putter Wheels, our unique 2 line alignment template and a soft microfiber pouch to carry the system. The most affordable option to start making more putts with the PutterWheel System.

2 Pack Pouch:

Contains 2 Putter Wheels, our unique 2 line alignment template and a soft microfiber pouch to carry the system. The 2 Pack is a good package to either practice 2 at a time on the course or have one in the bag and one at home / office.

3 Pack Pouch:

Contains 3 Putter Wheels, our unique 2 line alignment template and a soft microfiber pouch. Packaged in the rectangular sleeve shown above, this makes a great gift for your favorite golfer.
Why 3 balls? Some people prefer practice with 3 PutterWheels lined up at a time to build a rhythm and spend less time retrieving the ball. Others buy the 3 Pack to have in the bag, home and office.

Once you have trained yourself to roll the PutterWheel smoothly on line, you can deploy that mental visualization on the course by drawing 2 parallel lines on your game ball with the alignment tool.

"Simplicity at it’s very finest! As I noted, PutterWheel is extremely quick and simple to put to use…What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke, as well as where you hit the ball on the face. Does it Work In a word, yes - almost frustratingly so. Poor strokes will be glaringly obvious to the user, much more so than using a golf ball…For pure, immediate feedback, I’m not sure I’ve seen a product that can keep up with this one."
-- Hacker’s Paradise

This immediate feedback mechanism allows you to try different techniques, putters, grips, etc to find what works best for you…The design simplifies both lining up the putt and seeing the track to the hole…The PutterWheel System is a great tool for learning a solid and consistent putting stroke. The inner red ring gets your eyes directly over the ball…Use it pre-round to get your green speed for the day and it covers all aspects of putting.
-- neucruegolf.com

"The PutterWheel is an excellent training aid that forces my students to concentrate on center contact and alignment, it is very effective."
-- Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor, Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral