Putting Aids

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The idea for PuttSee was born out of the inventor's desire to simplify putting practice. He had seen so many teaching devices that involved elaborate attachments, expensive electronics and complicated theories; he wanted simple, inexpensive, effective and portable.

PuttSee is comprised of two premium golf balls that are drilled identically then fastened together with a rotating stainless steel and brass axel. The tool is precision assembled and balanced to insure that all input is accurate and truly reflects your putting stroke. If you think this is just two golf balls screwed together, read U.S. patent # 5,885,165 for the whole story.

Simply align PuttSee so that you are aiming at the center disc and then attempt to putt both balls as if they were one. A square clubface and straight on line stroke will result in a perfect roll. Don't be discouraged if you can't roll it immediately, or everytime ... the object is to read the reaction of the PuttSee and correct your stroke. Be patient, your perseverance will be rewarded with lower scores.