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Smartline Putting

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Welcome To SmartLine Putting Includes Specially Designed Marker + Exclusive How to Videos

SmartLine Putting is an innovative green reading system with a specially designed ball marker to help golfers be consistent at green reading and aiming. The specially designed SmartLine Putting Ball Marker will help the golfer aim at the correct spot giving them a chance to make more putts. Also seeing the correct line will help them visualize the speed of the putt properly making distance control greatly improved. With SmartLine Putting will stop you from guessing on the greens and give you the confidence to make more putts.

The History

Inventor Nick Kumpis began to think of better ways to help my students with their putting, researching green reading methods from the best players and teachers in the world, and honed in on the two areas of difficulty: the ability to judge slope and aim. 

He realized there is no consistent scale for reading greens, yet the only way to measure something accurately and consistently is with a scale. The best measurement for the amount of break for any given putt is the degree of slope, but most golfers aren't trained to look at a green and recognize the degree of slope. Like any measurement, however, once you have a consistent scale, your eyes can be trained to recognize it. The Smartline Putting system includes a method to train golfers to recognize degrees of slope. 

The second thing golfers can always improve is their aim. Even if you can read the green correctly, you still have to line up and aim your putter at the correct spot. The Smartline Putting system includes a specially designed ball marker to improve aim. The ball marker has five lines on it, to determine the start line. So after you have read the green using the Smartline Putting method, you match a line on the ball marker to the line on your ball. Then simply pick up the marker and putt. 

In 2017, Smartline Putting received a decision from the USGA confirming the ball marker could be played in both tournament and everyday play.

How SmartLine Putting Works


Mark your ball aiming red line at the hole.


Estimate the degree of slope (left to right or right to left).


Based on your read, match the line on your ball to the correct line on the marker.


Pick up the marker, match the line on your putter to the line on your ball and stroke your putt the correct speed.