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Size/Color: 9-inch YELLOW Golf Ring (yellow)
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Golf Rings are available in 9 individual sizes. The size is the diameter of the ring. You may also buy them in bulk or as sets. You can see the white set here or the yellow set here

Golf Rings golf target rings range in size from 9-inches to 12' in diameter and are the perfect way to focus your putting and short game practice sessions. The traditional way to start is to get an 18-inch (diameter) landing golf target ring along with a 6-foot (diameter) scoring zone ring.  Below are the golf target ring sizes with a brief explanation of each:

    • 9-inch ring. This is a precision spot target for chipping practice or may be used for putting distance control if you are trying to die the ball into the hole. Available in white.
    • 1-foot ring. Still a precision target and also still good for putting distance control. Use as a landing zone or place the ring so it touches the front of the hole when practicing on slower greens. Available in yellow.
    • 18-inch ring (1.5-feet). The original golf target ring. Great for intermediate level players or short chip shots with kids when used as a golf target ring. These are also good for lag putting drills as a large 'hole' to putt into or place it so the edge of the ring touches the front of the cup on faster greens as a 'good miss' zone. Available in yellow and white. Very popular.
    • 2-foot ring. Usually, the smallest size golf target ring to put around the hole. This golf target ring would be like the outer bulls-eye target where if you don't make it in the hole, it's a tap in. Also good for chipping for beginners as a landing target. Available in yellow. 
    • 3-foot ring. Part of the white Golf Ring set, this would be the small inner ring if you are using white rings. Available in white. 
    • 4-foot ring. Part of the yellow Golf Ring set. Recommended as a real challenge if you can already hit it in the 6-foot golf target ring. Available in yellow.
    • 6-foot ring. This is the magic golf target ring size and a must have for practicing chip and pitch shots. The Golf Rings started with the idea that if you can get your ball inside a 6' ring, that leaves you 3' or less for your putt, which statistically most players can make. Whatever you choose, this is one ring size you don't want to miss. Available in white and yellow.
    • 8-foot ring. For beginning to intermediate players trying to work their way down to getting the ball inside the 6-foot ring, this 8' diameter ring provides a moderate challenge and is good as an outer zone if you are doing a point system for scoring your shots. Available in yellow.
    • 12-foot ring. The largest golf target ring we offer, the 12-foot ring can be considered the 1-point zone for skills challenges. Not great, but still worth a point and close enough you can still save par. Available in white. 

Why so many Golf Training Rings? Anyone who was using the original 6-foot golf target circles always wanted one size bigger or one size smaller. We received so many requests we first made the 3-foot ring, then the 12-foot ring, and so on. Our suggestion is this. At a minimum, you will want an 18-inch and 6-foot ring, but if you want a bigger challenge and more motivation to practice, get one of our sets.

The WHITE Golf Ring set features the following sizes:  18-inch, 3-foot, 6-foot, 12-foot. Notice that the rings double in size each time. This configuration would be recommended for the average golfer, where the 18-inch ring is used as a landing target to get the ball to roll into the 3, 6, or 12-foot rings. Your scoring challenge might be 10-points if the ball goes in the hole, 5 points inside the 3-foot ring, 3-points inside the 6-foot ring and one point inside the 12-foot ring. The WHITE GolfRing set comes with a large green nylon carry bag. 

The YELLOW Golf Ring set features even-numbered rings. The 1-foot ring would be the landing ring and the 2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot rings would go around the hole. The YELLOW set is intended for advanced level players, and like the white rings, double in size and may be used for scoring challenges. The YELLOW set comes with a medium green drawstring bag. 

The Golf Ring is the short game practice aid that no golfer wants to share. The genius of the Golf Ring short game practice system is in its simplicity.

  • The original Golf Ring was a 6-foot diameter ring that provided a visual target around the hole. Anything ending up inside the 6' circle left you less than 3' to the cup - a statistically makeable putt! 
  • It is so thin the ball rolls right over it without altering speed or direction.
  • It is the only golf p