LowZone - Speedstrap

LowZone - Speedstrap

Short Game Aids


The LowZone Speedstrap is hands down the most effective tool for warming up on the greens. It sets up in seconds and can be used to establish a feel for controlling distance and direction on any green. Just a 5 or 10 minute warm-up will have you feeling exactly how the greens are playing, which means you'll be shooting lower scores without dedicating a ton of time to monotonous practice routines. The zones of the LowZone Speedstraps are also independently adjustable, offering different levels of difficulty to challenge all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, there's no better way to establish a feel for how fast the greens are rolling.

​Straps are constructed from a synthetic industrial-strength webbing and beefy plastic hardware.

*Please note you get just one (1) speed strap with your purchase*