Yip Doctor (YipDoc) short game trainer

Yip Doctor (YipDoc) short game trainer

Short Game Aids


The patent-pending YipDoc is the BEST golf short game training aid for practicing inside of 60 yards. This training aid is the only one of its kind that teaches players how to use the bounce of the club while quieting the wrists and hands for more of the technique that has become popular on the PGA Tour by Steve Stricker, Jason Day, Adam Scott and many others. While it will help cure the short game yips, it is perfect for improving the technique of the most skilled amateur and professional golfers.

  • PITCH: Helps master and groove the "Straight-Arm Pitch" that has become increasingly more popular on the PGA Tour.
  • CHIP: Quiets the hands for better distance control with less margin for error. This training aid is the easiest way to get rid of the chip yips.
  • SAND: Groove consistent high and soft sand shots with maximum control.

Once you place the grip of the club in the 1/4 circle cradle and attach the hook and loop of the Velcro to your lead wrist, you are ready to go. The pressure of your hand will help the grip stay in the cradle which in turn will teach you the proper way to use the bounce of the club with less wrist hinge and greater consistency.

There is nothing like YipDoc on the market that can be used so effectively to help groove the proper short game from inside of 60 yards!